Willkommen to German Studies

The German Studies Program offers students a combination of language, literature and culture courses toward a major or minor degree in German. In their first-year students acquire basic communication skills in German. After three years of study, students achieve the necessary language skills to fully function in a German-speaking environment.

Language classes focus on speaking, listening and writing using a well-structured combination of multimedia tools and a variety of communicative class activities. Our small class sizes allow instructors to closely monitor the students’ progress. Additional help is available through our free tutoring service.

By offering various extra-curricular activities, such as our bi-weekly “Kaffeeklatsch” and film nights, our German club, literary readings, and scholarly events, every effort is made to immerse students in the cultural life of German-speaking countries.


About the Program

The Section Coordinator for German is Dr. Christian Thomas

German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in the European Union, where Germany continues to play a leadership role politically, economically and culturally. A major/minor or the certificate of proficiency in German are valuable assets for careers, e. g. in education, trade, diplomatic service, communication and tourism, and excellent credentials for further study in graduate school. (Many Master's Programs in Germany are tuition-free.)

Students can also choose to double-major with a wide range of other subjects, not only in the Humanities but also in Business, the Natural Sciences, ...

  • Linguistic competency, cultural knowledge/ experience, and credentials gained through the German Major help to create a well-rounded education and give the student an edge in the pursuit of a career in an increasingly global environment.
  • Majors spend a year studying abroad in Freiburg – one of Germany's most beautiful cities, bordering on the scenic black forest and host to a world-class university.

  • Top students returning from the year abroad can apply to become a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Young Ambassador. Membership in the prestigious DAAD Alumni network opens up future international opportunities and connections. 
  • Students can apply for DAAD grants for research/study in Germany. (Double-Majors can also apply for research in their other subject of study.) 
  • Students who have completed their major can gain teaching experience in Germany through the German Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD). 
  • Students are given the opportunity to test for an internationally recognized language certificate; levels A1 – C1 are available.