Student Experiences

German Program Graduates speak about their experiences


"The B.A. in German Studies offered at Acadia University is one of the best experiences one can have when wanting to learn German in an immersive environment. All of the staff are incredibly helpful and approachable, and from the beginning semester, a good base in German is established. Courses in grammar and also in conversation in second year further develop those skills attained in the first two semesters, and set you up perfectly to begin your year exchange in Germany through the Canadian Year in Freiburg (CYF) program. In third year, the chance to learn the language and also experience life in another country while being immersed in culture is quite a unique and extraordinary opportunity! Through decades of experience, the German Program at Acadia is a truly excellent place to learn the language and hone one’s linguistic, social,  and conversational skills, as well as the life experiences attained along the way, which are priceless in and of themselves."

Nicholas Ernest (Graduate 2019)


"When I first came to Acadia, I had intended to do a BSc in Chemistry. However, my curiosity in German studies was piqued after my first German course. I decided thereafter to also do a BA in German studies. I was reassured because of The Canadian Year in Freiburg (CYF) program – a unique opportunity to live and study abroad in Germany. This was a formative year, personally and academically. I formed life-long friendships, all of whom deepened my understanding of the world. Each day was explorative – there was always something (or somewhere) to explore. The city districts of Freiburg, the nearby Schwarzwald, or the suburban villages were replete with adventures waiting to be discovered. Academically, I delighted in having a broad exposure to different topics – among my favourite courses were the German courses in literature, film history, and social and environmental issues. Since graduating with the BA in German and the BScH in Chemistry from Acadia, I have been working full-time in the Energy and Research Science sectors in Nova Scotia. My German studies background has been a useful asset for effectively communicating with German clients, especially regarding environmental programs. I look forward to communicating Canadian environmental research in German to promote international scientific collaboration."

Lee Brannen (Graduate 2017)


"The BA German program wasn’t my first program at Acadia, but it was the one that I stuck with, and I have not regretted it for a moment. Having small classes where everyone knows each other and are friendly made the experience of learning a new language from scratch quite the enjoyable one, and the new language skills I developed certainly helped me after graduation, helping me find a job in technical support for the German-speaking European market. I’ve gotten valuable experience living and working in a new language, and made many friends along the way, a life-changing experience that I would not trade for the world."

Diana Rechnitzer (Graduate 2016)


“I stumbled into the German program at Acadia after taking two elective German courses in my first year, but it was the best decision I ever made. The classes were small, the teachers were all native speakers and very helpful, and the opportunity to study abroad was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a new language and culture as a foreign student. The German department helped me navigate all of the university bureaucracy, so I was able to complete my BA in German concurrently with the program I started out in (BScH in Chemistry). The Canadian Year in Freiburg (CYF) program directors handled every aspect of my year abroad, from visa applications to opening foreign bank accounts to helping me find a local dentist in Germany. My experience that year shaped the course of my life in the best way possible. It opened my eyes to new cultures and languages. It gave me an appreciation for history and the arts, and it helped me become independent and confident, navigating the world early in life, which opened up all kinds of opportunities for me in my pursuits after university. The value of knowing and appreciating foreign languages is still paying dividends in my life a decade later. I highly recommend the German program at Acadia for anyone with an interest in seeing more of the world.”

Kira McLean (Graduate 2015)


"I had a wonderful experience in the BA German program at Acadia. From the beginning the interactive classes and tight-knit department helped me build a foundation in German studies. which I have continued with into graduate studies. The year of study at the University of Freiburg through the CYF program was an excellent chance to immerse myself into a different academic setting, and also to improve my German through intensive practice and exposure. Following the BA in German at Acadia, I took part in a program teaching English at schools in Germany (the PAD program) to further develop my language skills before completing a dual MA in Intercultural German Studies at the University of Waterloo and the University of Mannheim, enrolling in my current program (PhD in German Studies) at the University of Waterloo."

Alex Sullivan (Graduate 2013)


"Studying German at Acadia University offered far more to my educational experience than I ever expected. Aside from learning fluency in the language, you will complete your degree with an in-depth knowledge of German speaking cultures and lifelong connections to friends from Acadia and abroad. Some of the major advantages of this program include the small classroom sizes, dedicated professors, and the Canadian Year in Freiburg. Whether you are doing a single major or double major in German and another subject, you will find yourself with ample opportunity to learn and succeed in your chosen field, all the while gathering real world experience and memories that last a lifetime. I am very happy I completed this program and have no doubt future students will continue to reap the benefits this program continues to offer."

Andrea Gauster, MD MSc BSc (Biology and German) (Graduate 2007)