German is an important language in the European context, where Germany continues to play a leadership role politically, economically and culturally. A major in German or the certificate of proficiency in German are valuable assets for careers related to trade, communication and tourism both inside and outside of Europe. Language courses in the department range from the elementary to the advanced level. Aside from the language program, the German studies program offers seminars on all periods of German literature and culture both in English and German.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in German

48h German and Germ 4996 (54h)

Bachelor of Arts with Major in German

A minimum of 42h in German

Bachelor of Business Administration with Major in German

A minimum of 42 h in German


Students can also choose to double-major with a wide range of other subjects, not only in the Humanities but also in Business, the Natural Sciences, etc.

Program of Proficiency in German

The goal of this program is to provide students with an internationally recognized language certificate in German. Program requirements: GERM 1013, 1023, 2013, 2023, 2513, 2523, plus additional courses in consultation with the German Advisor and a comprehensive examination at the minimum level of B1.

International exchanges and study at a German-speaking university

Students wishing to major or complete an honours program in German must successfully complete an approved course of study in Acadia’s Year Abroad Program at the University of Freiburg. The department can supply further information about study in German-speaking countries.

Other Information

  • Linguistic competency, cultural knowledge/ experience, and credentials gained through the German Major help to create a well-rounded education and give the student an edge in the pursuit of a career in an increasingly global environment.
  • Majors spend a year studying abroad in Freiburg – one of Germany's most beautiful cities, bordering on the scenic black forest and host to a world-class university.
  • Top students returning from the year abroad can apply to become a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Young Ambassador. Membership in the prestigious DAAD Alumni network opens up future international opportunities and connections.
  • Students can apply for DAAD grants for research/study in Germany. (Double-Majors can also apply for research in their other subject of study.)
  • Students who have completed their major can gain teaching experience in Germany through the German Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD).
  • Students are given the opportunity to test for an internationally recognized language certificate; levels A1 – C1 are available.