Mission Statement

The objectives of the Council shall be: to promote the teaching and learning of the German language and culture to improve the teaching of German by increasing members' knowledge and understanding of current teaching methods and materials to act as a forum for discussion of new trends and developments in foreign language teaching to furnish recommendations and advice to governmental departments, educational institutions and administrative bodies and to other organizations or individuals who may seek such contact to cooperate with other organizations with similar objectives to act in liaison with the Canadian Council of Teachers of German to represent the CCTG in the Atlantic Region of Canada where appropriate.


Any person teaching German or having a professional interest in the teaching or promotion of the teaching of the German language and/or culture is eligible for membership.

Presently the following institutions are represented by membership:

New Brunswick
Mount Allison University
Department of German
Sakville, NB, E4L 1A3
contact: Dr. Renata Schellenberg,
Tel: (506) 364-2477

University of New Brunswick
Department of Culture and Language Studies
Fredericton, E3B 5A3
contact: Annette Guse, Tel: (506) 458-7716

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Department of German and Russian

Newfoundland St. John's,
A1B 3X9 contact: Dr. John Buffinga,
Tel:(709) 737-8826 E-mail: